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Investment Banking

Learn everything you always wanted about investment banking and get accurate advice on investment matters.

Corporate M&A

Learn the cause-and-effect reasoning behind M&A practices. We provide you insight into  simple techniques that ensure your success.


We perform unbiased, objective and crystal clear audits for private and public companies, governments and NGOs.


Take advantage of our expert consulting services to craft winning business strategies. Begin today your journey towards success.

Kummer Investment & Advisory helps you achieve better outcomes in any business situation

We dedicate our time to make sure you deepen your financial know-how and seal your deals with a smile in your face

We provide sector specific M&A advice and strategic corporate finance consultancy


Personalized Consultancy

We shape our services to accomodate your needs. Whether you are looking to improve your business literacy, invest in new markets, increase your portfolio or get private legal advice, Kummer Investment & Advisory ensures you reach your goals.

Transformation Management & Auditing

We make use of transformation management techniques and innovative thinking strategies to effectively evaluate your company´s operations and practices. Take advantage of our services before you start losing your own capital.

Strategic Relationships and Unparalleled Experience

Throghout the years, we developed a strong network of research and business partners to ensure you learn everything you need to succeed. We do not only improve your financial literacy. We guide you towards a winning path.


Make use of our specialized services in your own terms

Investment Advisory and Consulting anytime, anywhere

We are aware of the time constraints most of us face nowadays. Henceforth, we make sure you get the best possible service anytime, anywhere. You can reach out to us from your mobile phone and get expert advice within seconds.

Personalized and industry specific advice and consultancy

Kummer Investment & Advisory combines theoretical constructs, to the latest valuation techniques and real-life case studies to provide you tailored and industry specific services. We make sure you close your deals with a smile in your face.

Most recent M&A reports, case studies and executive search

We make use the latest reports and unmatched real-life case studies to make sure you fully understand the mechanics and thinking behind corporate finance, investment and mergers and acquisitions.