Prof. Dr. Christopher Kummer


Christopher Kummer is a Professor and Advisor on strategy, Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A), and Human Resources (HR). In his expertise, he combines profound knowledge as an academic, with hands-on know-how and real world insights as a practitioner.

As an Advisor, Christopher supports owners, management, governments, and intergovernmental organizations with their strategy, M&A, alliances and sale of companies. To this date he has been involved in transactions at every stage (from strategy to integration and post-deal review) and all sizes with a total value of over EUR 12 bill. In HR, he has worked in Executive Search and placed CxOs as well as Non-Executive Board Directors for listed and non-listed companies. He worked with PricewaterhouseCoopers in Corporate Finance and HR Consulting, and continues to serve as an Advisor.

Ammar Elfehaid


Ammar Elfehaid is a Partner in charge of implementation of sustainable, long term growth and holistic development. Risk and tactical analysis of the global and local political economies. Internal strategic management, mentoring, inclusive teamwork, and building high-performance work cultures. Cross-sector advisory for institutional upgrading through the development of competitive advantage and shared value creation. Research & Development of our social, cultural, and human capital to ensure continual revolutionary leadership and organizational harmony.

“Great societies are built on the kindness of strangers” – Personal Quote

Minh Dang

Chief Representative Vietnam

Minh Dang is Chief Representative of Kummer Investment & Advisory in Vietnam and Founder of the M&A Vietnam Forum. The M&A Vietnam Forum is, since 2009, an annually event on mergers and acquisitions in Vietnam. The Forum attracts hundreds of CEOs, investors and executive professionals every year.